Alton Rugby Football Club

SEME Prevail in the Storm

Wed 02 Sep 2009, 19:30


14 - 10


SEME Prevail in the Storm

SEME edge out Alton amid appalling conditions at Bordon.

Mother Nature did Her best to wreck Wednesday evening's game at Bordon, with howling gales and sheeting rain reducing the game to near-farce.

With conditions more befitting to late November than late summer, ball retention and handling were rendered nigh on impossible and prospects of a running game were all but obliterated.

But both sides conspired to serve up a decent, intriguing game, with the Army side sealing victory with a breakaway try four minutes from the end.

Shane Watts scored a late consolation try for Alton which was converted by Kieran Collins, who opened the scoring with a fifth-minute penalty.

Full report and Hampshire One preview on Monday.

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