Alton Rugby Football Club

A Mixed Day at Trojans

Mixed weather and performance at the Trojans tournament for the Alton U10's


Well done to the boys and parents that stood up to the weather today at the Trojans tournament (and sorry for those that were due to be at Petersfield that you didn't have the same opportunity to get soaked to the skin!).

"Mixed" is probably the best way to describe both the weather and our performance today, with the weather swinging between blue skies and torrential rain and our play swinging from inspired, to not so inspired, and back again!

We got off to a great start with a 6-0 win over Trojans, followed by a 1-1 draw with Overton, a match that we should have won. New Milton, who went on to win the group, were next up - our toughest competition. The boys put up a great fight and really tested New Milton's defence but did not manage to cross the line, with the match ending 2-0 in New Milton's favour (New Milton's lowest scoring match). We lost the next match too (this time to US Porstmouth - a side that we could have beaten if the squad had been firing on all cylinders) but finished the tournament on a high, with all of the squad putting in maximum effort and playing some great rugby together as a team to beat Winchester 9-0.

So, a day of highs and lows, lessons learnt that we will work on in training, but overall a performance that the boys can be proud of. Well done.

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