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'Blades' - Are They Allowed or Not?

We recommend traditional aluminium rugby studs

The question of 'blades' and whether they are allowed is one that crops up every year.  

The official RFU and IRB line is that boots with blades are currently acceptable footwear for rugby so long as they comply with the relevant regulations. In particular, players are not allowed to wear anything that is sharp or abrasive or that in the referee's opinion is liable to cause injury to a player. There is also a specific ban against boots with a single stud at the toe (but this configuration is not common in the UK anyway).

It is accepted by all that traditional rounded aluminium rugby studs are ok (unless very badly worn). 'Blades' will also typically meet the regulations ... but not everyone agrees with this. In particular, some junior clubs have banned 'blades' for their players and may well object if one of our players turns up at a friendly match or a tournament wearing 'blades'. Tournament rules may ban 'blades' in some cases.

All this means that there is a risk that a squad member wearing 'blades' will not be permitted to play at an away fixture or in a tournament. It is best, therefore, if all squad members can stick to the traditional rugby studs and, especially if purchasing new boots, stay clear of 'blades'.

Any questions, just ask.

Steve & Trudy

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