Alton Rugby Football Club

Things to come ....

... in the words of Pam Ayres!

How can that be my baby? How can that be my son?
Standing on rugger field, no more than six feet one
Steam is rising from him, his legs are streaked with blood
And he wears a yellow mouthguard in a face that’s black with mud.
How can that be my baby? How can he look like that?
I used to sit him on my knee and read him Postman Pat
Those little ears with cotton buds I kept in perfect shape
But now they’re big and purple they’re fastened back with tape.
How can that be my baby? How did he reach that size?
What happened to his wellies with the little froggy eyes?
His shirt is on one shoulder but it’s hanging off the other
And the little baffled person at his feet is me: his mother.
(Pam Ayres)

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