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Tour Fundraising and EHIC cards

1. Fundraising. Please all have a think about suitable fundraising ideas with your son & encourage them to get involved. Raising cash is crucial, for the tour in particular. To put it into context, each touring player needs to raise £65 each to pay off the remainder of the tour - this is before any other fancy stuff like food(!), tour polo shirts, trip/s etc is factored in. Last season the lads did car washing, sold Gemma's cup cakes, held cake sales at school, did odd jobs / gardening etc so it's the same again this year lads!

Boot cleaning / car washing at the club would be a good place to start.
So, I've ear-marked two 1st 1V home games: Sat 14th Feb and Sat 7th March. All players are expected to attend at least one of these sessions. Extra money raised wil go towards new kit for the squad.

Quiz & Chilli night on Fri 27 Feb. Please contact me to reserve places at the quiz (either a table of 6 or individual tickets at £10 each). Remember to bring a pudding / dessert per table for the auction, on the night. This event is open to the public too so please share with friends & family. The more we raise on this evening, the less boots you have to clean!
Also, if anyone works for; owns; or knows of a company who would like to sponsor the squad, please get in touch.

2. Touring players & Adults: ALL will need EHIC cards: these replaced the old E111 medical insurance cards for Europe. EHIC is valid for up to five years. You can apply independently, without administration charges at the NHSBSA website at Note: For fathers & sons travelling together, a card for each member will be required (for U16s, a parent's N.I. number is required for the form). For full details, see the website.  
I would also recommend that you consider organising private travel insurance - to cover any delays in travel, cancellations, luggage etc (rather than the rugby - related cover provided by the RFU's insurer Marsh). This costs around £10 per player & is available OTC at the post office. Note: many insurers include travel insurance in their policies so check first. 

Many thanks, 

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