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Welcome to the Magnificant 8's!

Joining the U8's at Alton RFC is an exciting prospect as this is the stage at which the players first get to play in competitive tournaments. Whether the players are veterans of the Mighty Under 7's or want to come along and try the sport for the first time, the U8's will offer a warm welcome and the opportunity to enjoy tournament TAG Rugby. There is still no contact tackling, rucking or scrummaging - except for the occasional and quickly contained outburst of over exuberance!

At this level the players will be involved in full games of TAG rugby. We will be competing at Hampshire and Surrey tournaments. This is a real commitment (for parents as well!) and also huge fun. Young players get an enormous buzz out of representing their club, travelling to tournaments and hopefully coming back with some silverware for the first time.

We promote the RFU principles of teamwork, discipline, sportsmanship, respect and enjoyment. By taking part in tournaments the players learn about winning and losing, responsibility to their team-mates and how to have fun in a competitive environment. We are committed to picking all of the players wherever possible to take part in tournaments - regardless of their current level of ability and skill. There will be one or two tournaments that we will only select the best players for, but for all others we are keen to select from across the full spectrum.

Please join us at Anstey Park every Sunday at 10am for up to two hours of coaching each week. Bacon Rolls and Coffee are close at hand for parents and the children get frequent breaks to keep energy and concentration levels high. All of the coaches are RFU TAG qualified and have also completed RFU DBS disclosures. We can always use additional volunteers, so please step forward and help. It's very rewarding and huge fun. As for the players - they will all have a great time, get muddy, make friends, grow in confidence and learn the real benefits of being part of the wider Rugby family. They're still too young to drink yards of ale and learn some of the rugby songs, but there will be social events and exciting trips to other clubs and possibly the chance to get to go to Premiership Rugby games.  We look forward to seeing you.

Please find below the main contacts for Alton RFC U8s:

  • Lead Coach: Marc Elton
  • Squad Manager: Kirsty Bartelott

If you would like further information, please contact Andy Gay, our Junior Secretary.

U8s News

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