Alton Rugby Football Club

Afternoon Fun in the Sun!


A group of U9's enjoyed an afternoon of activities in the woods at Lasham courtesy of Dave at

Initially, the boys were split into two equal teams of 12 to participate in an activity that tested their ability to communicate and to listen to each other, and go on to solve the problem.

After this, the boys joined together to enjoy the high ropes course.  Here the boys were able to explore 4 different activities and choose which challenges they wanted to do.

Despite the forecast for rain, rain, more rain and then lightning, the weather was wonderfully kind to us and we had a great afternoon under the tree canopy and blue skies.

Dave & Helen, the 2 instructors, were able to show the boys, through these activities, the value of communication, team work, support and collaboration & how it can help improve their skills on and off the rugby pitch.

Our thanks to Dave & Helen and the adults that helped us on the day!  It was a great experience for us all.

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