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Alton RFC functions purely because of the time and enthusiasm given by its volunteers. If you're asking yourself  "why isn't this being done?" or "surely this could be done better?" or "why doesn't that happen?" the answer is probably because our existing volunteers are fully stretched and need some help.

Many hands make light work and we need more who are willing to step up and make a difference. Most of the existing committee at Alton RFC are fulfilling two, three or even more roles - they do it because they enjoy it, because they want the club to succeed and if only more people got involved we'd all enjoy it even more!

Successful rugby clubs are more than just victorious teams on the pitch. Players and coaches are vitally important but so are the many dedicated volunteers who work hard behind the scenes to help the club function.

You don't have to be a rugby expert to get involved. Whether you're a current Senior player, a Colt, someone who has hung up their boots or a parent in the Mini-midi and Junior sections, perhaps someone who has never picked up the oval ball,  you could be a valued rugby volunteer.

The usual obstacle is time, we all understand how valuable a commodity that is, but the amount of time needed varies hugely from just a few minutes each week, maybe an hour or two each month. It really is up to you. Please don't be put off by thinking you don't have the time ... if everybody thought like that, there wouldn't be a rugby club, in fact there wouldn't be any sports for kids outside of school hours or for adults outside the professional game.

Enthusiasm is the key, as long as you have some, we'll count ourselves lucky to have you. You can make a difference.

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